Formulation, Design, Production and R&D

The secret of our products is...

...that there are no secrets.

We formulate, design and produce our products from scratch, so we know from the first to the last component and in this way we can offer consumers the perfect product.

We have a laboratory in which our team of chemists work exclusively to create, compare or improve formulas. Through this process, we create solutions to latent needs, compare our products with the competitors for continuous improvementor simply investigate new formulas or improvements for current ones.

As for Design, we are pioneers. In a market where products follow patterns that do not add value to the product, variety and even become boring, we have decided to break the schemes and follow a line of innovative, creative and functional design.

Once the previous steps have been completed, it is time to collect all this dedication, work and results to package them in Production. Thanks to the product stability tests and quality controls in the packaging area we ensure that the product meets all necessary standards and is 100% ready to be served to our customers.

Finally, it is worth highlighting the R+D, which today is crucial so that Whale Spray can be in the lead, since today everything is going very fast: improvements, regulations, changes, parameters, innovations... For those reasons at WS we focus a large part of our resources on anticipating, preparing and adapting to change.

This is the formula for success.