Past, present and future

There are those who believe that the beginning is the most important part of a story, since what we aspire to become in the Future will dictate the laws of our Present.

The beginnings of Whale Spray, date back to 2010, when a perfect balance between passion, experience and knowledge about chemicals in Spray and Bulk lead to the creation of the WS Team. The Past, places us in the market as a young company and that is not a weakness at all, since we have the energy and enthusiasm necessary to do things well done in the dynamic world of the Spray.

As for the Present, we consider it a challenge. The current international expansion and the large volume of work generate us a great effort, but on the other hand a great optimism, since this means that every day more people trust Whale Spray and decide to join the WS Team, so much so that we already operate in more than 50 countries with different distribution channels.

Finally, the Future. Whale Spray is always at the forefront of the sectors where we generate business. We work today with the most advanced means and tools to adapt as quickly as possible to a future that change day by day. From the WS Team, we are committed to continue developing the best and most innovative products to shape the Future...

... and what is most important, we invite you to be part of it.