Whale Spray

In Whale Spray we are leaders in the formulation and production of chemicals in Spray and Bulk format. Our mission as a company is to offer solutions in the different sectors where we operate and with solutions, not only we refer to the product as a solution, but to all the variables that interfere in it: quality, price, distribution, complementary services, marketing…

This is our company ideal and we do so because we are fully committed to our Stakeholders: employees, customers, suppliers, users and a long list of all parties involved in the activity of WS. From this base, Team WS was born, a solid and lasting union between our internal core and all the other external parts that compose us.

As for our vision, we aim to fully meet the needs of our customers, what we call having a 360º vision. We work hard every day to offer our consumers as well as wholesalers and distributors the most complete range of Spray and Bulk chemicals in the world. From our point of view and taking into account the evolution of current markets, we believe that covering 100% of customer needs is essential, whether maintaining a product, optimizing it or creating it from scratch.

The values ​​that govern Whale Spray, were, are and will always be the same. Offer a top quality product, establish fair prices and most importantly, a total honesty with our Stakeholders.

We want you to join Team WS, what are you waiting for?